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What kind of services do you provide?

Cork & Taylor specializes in luxurious, custom-designed packaged Vacations and Escorted Boutique Tours to Sonoma and Napa wine country, for the avid food and wine lover. Our Adventures are taylor'd from scratch for individuals, couples or groups of any size. Itineraries offer clients special access to vineyards and unique experiences that go far beyond the ordinary travel services. 

Why should we use Cork & Taylor?

We are passionate, fun loving wine professionals that have years of valuable experience in the wine industry that want to share our love and passion for Napa and Sonoma wine countries. We have established strong relationships with many of  the finest wineries in the Valley. With great attention to detail and first -hand knowledge of this beautiful area, we can create an experience for you that very few will ever experience. We take exceptional pride in providing our clients with unique experiences at extraordinary vineyards and wineries that are off the beaten path. Let us turn the ordinary into extraordinary!


When should I start planning?

The sooner the better. Ideally 6 months in advance, especially during harvest (September/October). We can do it in less time, but the risk is not having first choice on hotels, unique wine experiences, and drivers. And our goal is to give you the best. 

What kind of accommodations do you use?

Based on the location, budget and interests we will propose what we consider the very best lodging experience. From charming, small B&B, to historical residences or a luxury 5-star resort, you can rest assured that our standards of quality, location, service and charm are always met. 

What wineries do you suggest?

After many years of touring and tasting in Napa & Sonoma, the most memorable and special tastings are at the small family wineries. The wines share a story and are truly handcrafted. Many times when you visit these wineries, you will actually meet the owners and winemakers. We always customize an experience that shows the very best of what Napa & Sonoma offers.

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