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Uncorking the Lighter Side of Wine

Making Dreams Come True

Luke Taylor
Principal + Host

A wine lover always longing for a wine and food experience. Luke first journeyed to wine country years ago. Instantly, he fell in love with all wine country had to offer. More trips led to many great life experiences in Napa/Sonoma including getting engaged to his lovely wife. His affection for wine country continues with the founding of, Cork & Taylor, a full-service customized boutique wine tour & travel concierge consultancy along with host of the Cork & Taylor Wine Podcast.

Taylor is also currently an avid golfer, a proud father of three and Principal of the premier Ohio boutique wine distributorship specializing in Napa and Sonoma wines. This affords him an extensive network of contacts in the Napa and Sonoma wine industry. More importantly, it enables him to organize exceptional VIP winery experiences, that are not otherwise available to the general public. His love and passion for all things wine, he wants to pass this onto to each and everyone of his clients and listeners. Let him turn the ordinary into extraordinary or at the least let him uncork the lighter side of wine!


"Luke possesses an engaging people friendly personality which makes working with him a lot of fun " Michael Keenan Owner/Winemaker, Robert Keenan Winery

"I highly recommend Cork & Taylor for all your Napa/Sonoma touring needs"

Kimberly Viola

"Luke knows the California Wine Country well, he can be counted on to offer trusted knowledge" Tom Meadowcroft Owner/Winemaker, Meadowcroft Winery

"The trips and tours he set up were beyond my expectations. An amazing experience "

Ryan Palmier

"He is professional, has a great sense of humor, tremendous wine knowledge and is a joy to work with. Most importantly, he has a vast understanding of the valleys wine country"

Rebecca Laird, Laird Family Estate Winery

"It was indeed a fabulous/incredible Napa wine tour. I would do it again "

Randy Owoc, GM, Mayfield Sand Ridge Country Club

Luke Taylor’s Cork & Taylor podcasts are well worth a listen.  His years of experience in the wine trade, owning his own distributorship, give him the background to ask probing questions—while his irreverent personality makes those questions intriguing and off-beat.  Highly recommended!

David Ramey, Ramey Wine Cellars

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